Thursday, May 13, 2010

ON moving:

Here's the deal: I am moving to Portland, OR. I had this plan, to show up 2 days before the first of June. I guess that idea is comme de null, bc all my friends think it is this side of crazy. Me....I would call it an adventure. Care to guess the compromise? I am moving into an uber modern mid-hip apartement, but dogs are allowed so well, what can I say? I totally wanted to get my hands on some quaint 1920s duplex with architechtural details, garden space, and dogs accepted. BUT I have been informed that since I don't even have a job I should be sorta happy with what we got. And ya know what? I am! And the icing on the cake???? Laurelhurst home of Modest Mouse and the impromptu panty raiders! Haha! The good times might kill me!