Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Old faithful betrays me again

Well, it's official my bicycle "old faithful" has screwed me royally yet again. It's like it knows when I don't have my kit on me. Last week, the pedal fell off whilst I was miles away from home. Fear not! I was in Wicker Park, there are bike shops everywhere. Not so fast...half of them have since closed their doors or are only open when they feel, apparently Wednesday at 2 in the afternoon is an odd time for a bike shop to be open? Well, I walked about a mile, and scored a nasty looking bruise from the spike where my pedal should have been. Well the man at Quick Release couldn't be nicer and he fixed me up, and off I went. Thinking old faithful was in good shape again, I took her out Monday to do all sorts of errands. What was I thinking!?! I ended up with super flat extraordinaire! And no tools! So I walked from one side of the city to the other w/ bike and oodles of groceries to a bike shop I knew of. Surprise, surprise-the store had a giant for lease sign posted and was completely empty. Better luck next time. Eventually I got my business taken care of. I am such a man! Everyone I've talked to berated me for not calling, "I would have just picked you up!" Why, oh why do I feel I need to be so goddamn self sufficient? There are two lessons here 1) "always be prepared," 2)to ride the super duper new fancy bike I've been given, and not the shit-mobile.

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